First day of spring and I am reminded how "WE HATE SPRING" was our motto on our snowboarding trip in Banff a couple of years ago. We were praying for more POW rather than nice spring weather so there wouldn't be slush down the mountains.

We hope baby M will be into snowboarding (future Chloe Kim??), but I think she'll have no choice since Danny is already thinking of teaching her how to snowboard before she even learns how to walk! Dads... *eye roll*

Missing the mountains a little extra today especially since it doesn't quite feel like spring here in Chicago and because I've had major fomo this past snowboarding season.

If you have never been to Banff, you need to add it to your list! It is seriously breathtaking. Our pictures do not do it justice. We hope to go back one of these summers for a family hike!

Where are some of your favorite places to travel?