My brother and his gf were back in town last week to celebrate Maddy’s 1st birthday, and it felt like a fun time to take Maddy out to try something new so we took her to the Shedd Aquarium for the first time! Chicago residents can get tickets at a discounted rate with an ID! Unfortunately, you can’t buy a bundle of tickets at the discounted rate for your out of town guests since they require every single person to show an ID. If you have guests coming to visit for a few days though, it might be worth getting the Chicago CityPASS as you get admission into the Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck Chicago, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry (or 360 Chicago), and Adler Planetarium (or Art Institute of Chicago)!

So many things to see at the Shedd yet the only thing Maddy wanted to do of course was to waddle and walk around. Any chance she gets, all she wants to do is walk, walk, walk. There’s a lot of ground to cover as a tiny human!

It’s been YEARS since I’ve stepped foot into the Shedd and even on a random weekday, it was pretty crowded in the afternoon. Can’t even imagine what it would be like on the free days. It took us about 3 hours to go through the whole museum (without watching any shows). I would say we were moving pretty slowly, and we also stopped by the cafeteria for those who are planning an afternoon and needing a rough time frame.

They recommend taking your small umbrella stroller since it’s easier to maneuver, but we ended up taking our bigger Britax just because It has a bigger storage space on the bottom to throw our jackets without having to get a locker. After a visit to the Shedd, it has made me fear the ocean even more. There are CREEPY things down there! Even though Maddy’s still a bit too young to fully understand or enjoy museums, can’t wait to take her to explore all the other ones! I love that I, too, can still be learning and be in awe with my child as she continues to grow and discover new things.

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