If you haven't tried making these and are looking for an easy breakfast that you can grab on-the-go, I highly recommend you give overnight oats a try! I recommended it to one of my co-pharmacists the other week who normally doesn't like oatmeal, but she loves her overnight oats!

This is currently my go-to breakfast every morning that I grab on my way to work. I normally make them in batches on Sunday night and they will take you a maximum of 10 minutes. I'm definitely more of a sweet/fruity person so this is my current normal "recipe." 

Things that I use : 16-ounce mason jar, oats, chia seeds, shredded coconut, greek yogurt, almond milk, and fruit


Scoop about 4 spoonfuls of oats into each jar (I've used both rolled oats and quick oats before - doesn't matter).


Scoop about 3/4 to one spoonful of chia seeds for an extra dose of fiber, protein, and antioxidants (can add more if wanted!)


Sprinkle a little bit of shredded coconut (I use sweetened, but you can also buy unsweetened).


Scoop in greek yogurt - normally 1 greek yogurt will make 2 overnight oats for me so eyeball and put in half per jar! Flavor is completely up to you! I like fruity yogurt so I always pick blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry but there are SO many different greek yogurt flavors out there.


Pour in almond milk and mix. I always eyeball and just look at the consistency. Remember, the oats will soak in the liquid overnight (chia seeds also soak up liquid) so you don't want to put too little liquid in your jar. It also depends what kind of texture you like. Some people like more chunky oatmeal whereas I like mine a bit more liquidy.

Top it off with some fruit. You can use fresh fruit or frozen fruit. Frozen fruit has been my go-to because it's easy to keep a big bag in your freezer without worrying about the fruit going bad in a couple of days. I also find that when the frozen fruit thaws, it adds some extra sugar to sweeten your oats.

And voila! Donezo.


Stick in the fridge and they are ready for you to grab in the morning.
I find that these keep well up to 5 days so I always make 5 mason jars of easy breakfast. This week I'm only making 4 since I have a shorter week!

No need to sweat over all the little details about how much to measure. You can constantly tweak them to your liking!

What you need: jar, oats, chia seeds, shredded coconut, greek yogurt, almond milk, and fruit 

1. Scoop about 4 spoonfuls of oats into each jar
2. Add 3/4 to one spoonful of chia seeds
3. Sprinkle a little bit of shredded coconut
4. Scoop in about half a container of greek yogurt per jar
5. Pour in almond milk and mix until the consistency is what you like
6. Top with fruit of your choice (fresh or frozen)
7. Put in refrigerator overnight
6. Next morning : Grab-and-go and enjoy!

If you're looking for other variations, here's a handful from BuzzFeed that you can find here. You can also check out Rooted Nourishment’s version of overnight oats too!