Oh man, it has been a hot minute since we’ve been on here! Seeing some other moms out there who recently gave birth and are consistently blogging and taking beautiful pictures, it should seem that I should have myself more put together by now seeing that Maddy is almost 1 but NOPE. It has been a good reminder for myself though to not believe everything I see on social media and also a reminder for myself that IT IS OKAY that I need more time to get in a groove. My family is going at the pace that it needs to be right now and whether it’s slower or faster than other families, it is okay.

With that being said, several months have flown by since Maddy’s last update and this girl has seriously turned into a little human! I don’t even know where to start with how much she has grown.

She currently has 4 teeth with 2 more coming in. Teething is brutal. And we’re not even at the molars yet and everyone keeps telling me those are the worst… can’t wait…

We bought her a walker about a month ago that she LOVES. We bought it at Target but you can also get it off Amazon. I know this isn’t the most appealing piece but it also didn’t cost us $100+ and does the job. She still pushes it back and forth at least 200 times a day. We recently went to Colorado with a bunch of our friends, and I think the combination of her using the walker and watching one of our other friend’s toddler walk around has really spurred her to take her own first steps! We were using the Evenflow Play Space for awhile and recently bought another one to extend her play space in our living room so she has even more space to practice walking. We know we’ll be using it still at our new house and excited to use it even outside in the backyard during the summer once baby 2 rolls around!

Another big change for us recently is with Maddy’s naps. Maddy has always always ALWAYS been a horrible napper. When kids her age are suppose to sleep 4-5 hours during the day, she would sleep on average 1.5 hours. 2 hours was a really good day for us. Putting her down for naps was a constant struggle. No matter how we sleep trained her, she would always just cry, cry, cry and stand up in her crib and smack the railings. She could probably (and has) cried for 4 hours straight. And then a couple weeks ago out of the blue, Danny said that he set her down in the crib, she stared at him, he put her blanket on her and said ‘goodnight’ and walked away and there was no crying. Sure, she may roll around in her crib or chew on her blanket for a bit but then she would fall asleep. I don’t know when, how, why but it suddenly just clicked and that’s what we have been doing for her naps now the last 2 weeks. A part of me still cries on the inside with joy (and hopefully I don’t jinx myself) but it was such a painful 10.5 months to finally get here. Naps were something we all dreaded because they were consistently inconsistent and it drove me nuts. There were a lot of tears shed by everyone, a lot of frustration, a lot of arguing and disagreeing with methods, a lot of self doubt because I didn’t know if it was me and if I was doing something wrong and the cause of these horrible naps.
Don’t get me wrong, even just 2 nights ago we had a rough night of her standing in her crib screaming for 2 hours and just not sleeping from 12am-3am. This literally happened after Danny said, ‘hey, we can sleep in tomorrow!’ HAH. I told him to never say that phrase out loud again…

There’s so much more I could ramble about BUT I wanted to get on to the exciting news! In preparation for Maddy turning 1, we are going to be doing a giveaway this week! I seriously cannot believe a year has almost flown by already. One thing we used a lot was an activity play mat from Pottery Barn, and we will be gifting TWO lucky winners with one of their own! Entry instructions listed below! We’ll announce the 2 lucky winners on Saturday March 9th. Good luck!