We’ve entered into week 38 and Danny's excitement is radiating throughout the whole house. He’s been practicing (yes, that is a stuffed bear in his baby carrier) and has been roaming in baby M’s room nonstop. He talks to her day and night and tells her he misses her all the time even though he hasn’t even laid eyes on her yet. He excitedly tells me all the time that she moves at the sound of his voice (but honestly sometimes it's just a coincidence...shhh).

His positivity and encouragement have honestly been the best thing throughout this pregnancy. During the days (more like most days) where I feel pretty discouraged and crummy, I look at these pictures and truly believe that these remaining couple weeks got nothing on us and that I CAN do this.

...but real talk.
Since most of us normally see just the glamorous pictures of pregnant women, here's a pretty embarrassing (but sadly very true) video that Danny made of what I actually look and feel like on a daily basis - even the book I'm currently reading is trying to pump me up.

Pregnant or not, you can get your own copy today!