My favorite season is upon us! I love fall. The crisp air, light jackets, changing leaves, pumpkin and apple cinnamon everything, football. We just finished a family stroll this morning, made some pumpkin pancakes topped with apple butter, and currently typing this with a fall candle burning in the background. A perfect start to the morning if you ask me!

We took Maddy to the County Line Apple Orchard yesterday and had so much fun with her. Her awake time currently is still limited to about 2 hours but we managed to nap her in the car (FINALLY!) after a 3 month strike of not sleeping in her car seat so she was able to be awake the whole time we were at the orchard! She rode on her first tractor (wasn't very amused) and got to walk through rows and rows of apple trees. Every time we brought her close to the apple trees, she was more intrigued by the leaves than the actual apples. Hah! Mama definitely enjoyed the trip way more than the little nugget. I always go overboard buying so much kettle popcorn, ALL of the apple cider and pumpkin donuts, caramel apples, and apple cider. We bought some apple butter too this year and uhm...YUM!!! I'm looking forward to bringing her back next year and seeing her run down the rows and hopefully pick her own apples!

We're planning on starting her on solids in a couple of weeks so I'm going to start making apple sauce in batches and freezing them for her. Thinking about getting one of these apple peelers for when she can help in the kitchen (or at least I'll dream about her wanting to help in the kitchen). What else should we make?!

Here are some more pictures from our little family excursion. I love making memories with these guys :)

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