Last weekend Danny and I had our first mini getaway without baby. We are so thankful that Danny’s mom was willing to watch baby girl as we jetted to New York for 2 days to celebrate our friend’s birthday. It’s crazy how even in 1 short year how much impact a tiny human has on your life. I was so excited about our first trip alone. No need to arrive at the airport 2 hours early to get an extra plane ticket for the little one, no need to lug around 8 bags for our family of 3, no need to take out the baby formula to get inspected when going through security, no need to install a car seat. But even as we left the front door, a part of me wanted to turn around right away because I missed her. We set goals during this trip to not obsessively check the baby monitor or call Danny’s mom every 30 minutes to see how things were going so that we could be present with each other and with our friends. Crazy how you can look forward to a trip and then need to consciously be present during the trip. Oh the irony of it all!

During this trip, Danny and I thought it would be fun to stop by as many pizza places as we could and rank them as we went along. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about our many slices of NY style pizza!
We pretty much walked and ate our way through Brooklyn, and I’m not complaining one bit!

We didn’t arrive until late Saturday evening since we had Maddy’s birthday party earlier that day so ultimately we had all of Sunday and a half day on Monday before we jetted back to Chicago, and boy did we utilize every minute that we had!

Sunday morning we grabbed breakfast at The Bagel Factory and the “Lox Spectacular” bagel was DE-LI-CIOUS. We walked off our breakfast and naturally got more food before strolling through Prospect Park. The weather was gorgeous, and I loved seeing all the families out and all the little kids learning how to play soccer. We then headed to Pies n’ Thighs in Williamsburg and checked out a lot of cute shops and ate A LOT of pizza…
We checked out the Brooklyn Flea Market and then bustled our way down the Brooklyn Bridge. I heard the bridge is especially pretty at night and there’s also a lot less people!

We then ate (again) at this cute Italian restaurant called Al Di La Trattoria to celebrate our dear Kathryn’s birthday. The tagliatelle al ragu and the spaghetti neri alla chitarra did not disappoint. I think I’ve decided that if I had to choose to eat only 1 cuisine for the rest of my life, it would be Italian food. Oh how I love my pastas! We then ended the night with some ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery, and I wish I could go back for their mango sorbet, “The King of Mangoes.” Mmmm. Let’s just say I ate about a billion calories that day. At least we walked over 30,000 steps?

Monday we woke up and ate at Couleur Cafe then took the train and strolled around Greenpoint where there were more cute shops and eventually wandered towards Xi’an Famous Foods. The noodles there were so. good. and their little patio area in the back is super cute. The noodles are spicy but you can always ask them to adjust the spiciness. We then walked towards more pizza (seriously, what was wrong with us??) and by then it was time to head back to our headquarters and say goodbye…

Even though the trip was so short, I’m so thankful for the time with these girls. I’m also thankful for my husband who was willing to be the only guy and therefore, by default, became our photographer the entire trip. Thankful for a MIL who was so willing to watch our baby so we can have a brief time away, but I am also happy to be back home with my little family. Thank you, Brooklyn for leaving my stomach full and my feet sore all the way back home. Until next time, New York!

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