I mentioned in my Brooklyn post earlier this week that Danny and I had decided to try as many pizza places as we could and rank them for fun while we were in New York. Danny LOVES NY style pizza. He says NY style > Chicago deep dish so obviously I had to help my husband get in as many slices as we could. Such little time, not enough stomach space, and too many pizzas to be eaten. Oh, the dilemma! I had initially started to research which places we should go to, but Danny insisted that the fun part is not knowing and literally just walking in whenever we pass by a pizza place. We were in Brooklyn for about 1.5 days and ended up trying a slice of pizza at 6 different places. We’ve also decided that:
1) if the place looks too clean, pass it up
2) if it’s CASH ONLY, that’s always a good sign
3) if the lettering of the store name is fading away, that’s always a plus. The fainter, the better!

Here are our rankings listed below from least liked to our favorite:
Please note that both Danny and I like our pizzas to be cheesier and decided to go simple and try a slice of cheese pizza at each location. If you like your pizzas saucier and not too cheesy, do not rely on our rankings!

#6 : Bergen Pizza
This was the first place we ran across and Danny gave it a big thumbs down. He said definitely not enough cheese and there was wayyy too much sauce (90% sauce to 10% cheese) and he said that slice was kind of cold. I mean, nothing with wrong with eating cold pizza but not what we were looking for at the moment. Cold = no crispiness!

#5 : Champion Pizza
We passed by this place on our stroll in Williamsburg but weren’t quite impressed with this slice either. There wasn’t enough cheese and the sauce was kind of sweet? The cheese to sauce ratio was pretty equal, but the sweetness of the sauce threw us off a little bit and Danny said it wasn’t his cup of tea.

#4 : Di Fara Pizza
I heard that this 80-year-old man makes the pizza here and sadly he was at the other location so we didn’t get to see him (insert very sad face). Danny states that he would have ranked this one #5 because he felt like the slice was overcooked and dry. To him it felt more like a flatbread. This was also located inside a food court so right away he wasn’t getting a good vibe. I still rank this #4 because I have high hopes that if we had visited the location where the 80-year-old man was, the pizza would have been way better. In case you’re curious, make sure you go to Midwood location NOT the Williamsburg location if you want to see him!

#3 : Joe’s Pizza
I personally enjoyed Joe’s pizza! In addition to a cheese pizza, I also grabbed a slice of spinach which I thought was really tasty as well. The cheese to sauce ratio was good! No stringy cheesy bite thought. It’s hard to explain…the slice was good but not something I will be daydreaming about if that makes sense.

#2 : Luigi’s Pizza
This is a tough call between 1st and 2nd. This was one of the last places we stopped by before heading back home to Chicago. The cheese to sauce ratio was good. Flavor was good. Crispiness was excellent. Ended up being 2nd place because we didn’t get that stringy cheesy bite we were looking for.

#1 : Vinnie’s Pizzeria
Not sure if it was because there were the ninja turtles there, but Vinnie’s was our favorite mainly because it had the most cheese and it was perfectly melted to the point where you got the stringy cheesy bite (refer to picture)! Excellent crispiness. Sauce was not overwhelming. I know Danny will be dreaming about this slice for a long time.

We’ve already heard from others that we should try Prince Pizza, Grimaldi’s, and Juliana’s Pizza.
Surprisingly, I’m not sick of pizza and even writing this post has made me crave a slice.
Now if you’ll excuse me…

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