Clearly I’ve been slacking with my monthly updates of Madelyn seeing how she’s turning 7 months NEXT WEEK. Ack! I seriously have such respect for parents. I don’t know how parents work, meal plan, grocery shop, cook, wash the dishes, clean the house, spend time with their spouse, and keep a tiny human alive. Blogging has clearly been on the way bottom of the list. I’m literally spent by 7:30pm everyday and can barely keep my eyes open past 8:30pm. This is life now.

So much has happened these last 2 months, and Maddy has been changing SO much. She’s still petite, weighing about 14.6 lbs at her 6 month visit and her height is around 26 inches. But boy this girl is starting to MOVE! Even at her 6 month doctor appointment, her pediatrician was saying how she acts so much like a toddler rather than a little 6 month old. The past couple of weeks she has been pushing herself up onto her knees and rocking back and forth and loves going from tummy position to sitting position. She also learned how to grab the railings of her crib and pull herself up onto her knees. Looks like we’ll be having to lower the crib sooner than I expected! Apparently Danny fell out of the crib when he was around 6 months old so my MIL is currently watching Maddy like a hawk. Haha. I love watching this girl problem solve. We’ve been creating “obstacles” for her (blocking her in with a bunch of pillows) and it’s the funniest thing watching her pick up pillows, move them, and roll around until she’s out. This little tiny genius!

Sleep-wise has been rough. Sometimes I look back and wonder how we’ve made it this far with such little sleep, but we’re literally still taking it day by day, cup by cup of coffee. It’s been a little over 2 weeks now since Maddy’s naps have started spiraling downward. She normally is on a 3 nap schedule and should be sleeping around 4-5 hours during the day but over these past couple of weeks we’ve been going down to 2 naps a day and a lot of times only sleeping about 1.5 hours during the day time. YIKES. Every nap is such a battle filled with so many tears even though she’s yawning and rubbing her eyes and complaining when she’s awake. We’ve even had to kind of sleep train her again. Why is sleeping so difficult?! I feel like I’m constantly saying “she must be teething,” but I feel like I’ve been saying that since she was 2 months old…

BUT it is true because Maddy’s 2 front teeth are popping in! We also started Maddy on solids several weeks ago and it’s going slowwwwwwly but surely. She’s been sitting in this seat at the dinner table and has been loving that she can be with the adults! It’s totally true that they DO observe what you do and try to mimic you because many times now she’ll try to grab her own spoon and feed herself. Its definitely been so much fun watching her experiment with solids even though 90% of the food ends up on the floor, 9% of the food ends up on her face, and 1% ends up in her mouth. I’m so excited for her though!!! Can’t wait to be sitting next to her eating slices of pizza together. So many parents and doctors have been telling us to cherish these moments (sleep deprivation and all) because the times seriously fly by so fast. Can’t believe somehow half a year has already gone a few more blinks, we’ll be planning her 1st birthday party! …Excuse me as I start crying in a corner now.


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