These past couple of months have felt long but have also zoomed by in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe I’m already heading back to work! I have such respect for all working moms out there whether you're full time or part time. How in the world do you stay awake let alone actually DO work?!

Before Maddy was born, I kept saying that I wasn't going to be the mom who would take a bajillion pictures of their kid...but who was I kidding? I currently have a bajillion + 1 pictures of my child on my phone which I will most likely be scrolling through while I'm at work...

It's seriously mind blowing how fast they really do grow.
Even now when she's having a rough day where she's super clingy or crabby and every nap time is a struggle, we look back on how it was before and both agree that it really has gotten better (just like every mom and dad kept telling us).

Every morning we live for those smiles of hers when we go into her room.
When we wake up in the morning Danny always goes, "ready for some smiles??" It's the best thing ever.

Her grip is strong, her legs are even stronger. She recently started rolling over onto her stomach (but can't roll tummy to back quite yet). Sometimes we'll watch her on the baby monitor and watch her flip over and squirm up and around in her crib in her Swaddle UP. One second she's in the middle of the screen of the baby monitor, the next second she's in the corner. They're little ninjas I tell ya!
She's discovered her hands recently and keeps clutching them together and also slowly starting to touch her toys. Everything in her hand is also going straight into her mouth and along with that comes drool drool drool!

She's also been grabbing her hair lately which kind of disturbs me...sometimes it's gentle grasping at her head when she's nursing and other times she grabs a fistful of her hair and yanks it when she's upset. I hope this is temporary???
Her thrush seems to be disappearing but it still doesn't seems to be 100% gone. Sigh. This has been an ongoing struggle for almost 2.5 months now. She's also been developing red bumps on her face which I think is from her sleeping on her tummy and rubbing her face vigorously across the bedsheets. It always feels like once we've tackled and conquered one thing, another thing comes up! On to the next battle...

My MIL will be watching Maddy on the days that I'm working, and we're currently testing out a very loose schedule for baby. I say very loose because most days her nap times still seem to be all over the place which then changes her feeding times. She's currently eating 5 times a day about 6-7 ounces each time (when we bottle feed) and naps 3-4 times throughout the day before her bedtime at 7:30pm. If anything, her bedtime has been the only set thing we have going for her so far! On average, she's currently sleeping 8-9 hours throughout the night which has been phenomenal. Of course there are a few bad days here and there but we are beyond grateful that she seems to be a good sleeper at night. She even slept through the fireworks during July 4th!

This little girl has already been to 2 different states and is about to go on her 3rd trip in a couple of weeks! We love watching our baby girl grow and excited to keep exploring with our little one.


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