I can’t believe my boy is already 2 months (at this point almost 3 months since it’s taken me so long to write this update)! This kid is a chunker. He weighed 13lbs 5oz already at his 2-month checkup! His head is seriously the same size as Maddy’s, and he goes up to her shoulders already!

People have asked me if he’s been easier than M and every time my response is “they’re different.” They’re both hard in their own ways and similar in others. Jaden also doesn’t sleep well if you put him down so someone needs to be holding him at all times in order for him to nap just like little miss M. Jaden, on the other hand, will at least go in the baby carrier so that has been a plus. I’m positive that this time around though my arms will be jacked because he’s so heavy. This kid started off well in his carseat/stroller but as the days went on, he’s just like his sister hating his car seat so most car rides/walks in the stroller have been bad news bears. And when one starts screaming, it triggers the other so then we get TWO wailing babies in the backseat now…living the dream! Haha. This kid spits up a lot more compared to M which has resulted in lots of laundry. I pretty much alternate between the same 3 outfits because there’s honestly no reason to dress nicely anymore because he WILL throw up all over it. He’s been giving us lots of smiles and started cooing, which we feel like is earlier compared to M! Seriously, baby coos are the worlds best sound <3

Many people say that he looks like my brother…but my brother and I basically look like twins so…I guess that means he looks like me? I’m interested to see how he continues to morph over the next several months! It’s taken me some time but I feel like we’re slooowwly getting into a groove with both kids. The transition from 1 to 2 kids has been pretty challenging but I’ll write more about that in another post.

Looking back, I still can’t believe all that we have gone through with Jaden in 2 months. His first 2 weeks of life entailed a pack n’ play squeezed into our closet in our master bedroom with us dangling a small light ontop of our closet shelf so we could see during diaper changes. We clipped a small fan on the closet wire rack because the AC didn’t work very well on the 3rd floor and we didn’t want him to overheat. The rocking chair was set up right next to the closet door and the bouncy ball was conveniently squeezed inside the closet as well in case we needed to bounce him to sleep like we had to with Maddy back in the day. Our closet door wouldn’t close with the pack n’ play in the way so Danny put up a small curtain rod and hung curtains as a “door” and as a way to block light so Jaden could sleep and so we could use our bathroom without the light shining into his face. Oh man, those were the days haha. What memories we’ve made so far as a family of 4. Welcome to this crazy family of yours, J!

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