Baby blues or postpartum depression isn’t something people talk about often. Maybe it’s the shame of admitting that you’re not okay and you’re not constantly over the moon over your newborn while you see other parents post picture after picture of their new wrinkly small baby.

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Clearly I’ve been slacking with my monthly updates of Madelyn seeing how she’s turning 7 months NEXT WEEK. Ack! I seriously have such respect for parents. I don’t know how parents work, meal plan, grocery shop, cook, wash the dishes, clean the house, spend time with their spouse, and keep a tiny human alive.

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My favorite season is upon us! I love fall. The crisp air, light jackets, changing leaves, pumpkin and apple cinnamon everything, football. We just finished a family stroll this morning, made some pumpkin pancakes topped with apple butter, and currently typing this with a fall candle burning in the background. A perfect start to the morning if you ask me!

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Maddy's neck and back control has been getting a little better recently so we got her a chair so she could join us at the dinner table and at the kitchen whenever we cook. It's nice because it's easily portable and just hooks onto the edge of the table so we can use it when we go out to eat as well! Currently on average, our squirmy little girl can sit still in that chair for about 10-15 minutes before getting antsy which means mama has had a little more time to cook and bake recently!

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This past month has honestly been a blur. I went back to work beginning of July, we celebrated Maddy's 100 days, went to LA to celebrate a good friend's wedding, went through one of Maddy's sleep regressions, started sleep training her, and then ZAP she turned 4 months this past weekend!

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This post is a bit delayed but still wanted to write about our weekend getaway over July 4th weekend! Danny and I live for weekend getaways. We always look for places where we can go to quickly to be away from the busyness of the city and to be present in nature.

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These past couple of months have felt long but have also zoomed by in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe I’m already heading back to work! I have such respect for all working moms out there whether you're full time or part time. How in the world do you stay awake let alone actually DO work?!

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Maddy turned 2 months the other day! The days are long but the months are short (sort of). I can’t believe we’ve kept a tiny human alive for 2 months now. This post has been long overdue but you know...tiny humans demand a lot of your attention.

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